An emotionally raw look at a young man deciding to confront the trauma of his past sexual abuse by a Catholic priest.


In a small isolated town in the Midwest, a young man named Clay has kept secret for over 15 years. He never told a soul until three months ago.

He was forced to tell his wife Sheri after learning that the priest who sexually molested him when he was just ten years old has recently moved into the neighborhood.

After bringing a lawsuit against the priest and the Catholic church, Clay is notified that his case is now being dismissed due to a statute of limitations.

As we watch Clay grapple with the ever mounting shame, guilt and anger;  he soon decides to take the matter into his own hands.  It’s a decision that will change his life forever.

Using Kirby Dick’s 2004 Oscar nominated documentary ‘Twist of Faith’ as a jumping off point,  the story tells the haunting and rarely seen reality of the continual and unending effects sexual abuse has on a child.  And therefore, how they try to cope and live as an adult.

One thought on “SYNOPSIS

  1. I am glad that Daniel took on that very difficult task to expose the abuse in the catholic church,which has been going on for many centuries. I wish the film-makers success in accomplishing this challenging task !

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